1. Second player-generated update!

Second player-generated update!

We just put out our second player-generated update today, based on changes that people have been making to the open source. players are actively updating the game!

These changes include:

  • Fixed arrow graphics
  • Mana focus adjusts mana regeneration time
  • Evil twin doesn’t require focus; tweak its strength.
  • Modified choke point tweaks for dragonfly queen quest
  • Remove trance from forget spell, tweak its duration, make it an illusion
  • Truce affects monster combat only
  • Animate can create different monsters depending on spell power
  • Logging off in a safe area can remove enchantments and half your mana (controlled by setting; default off)
  • Fixed flickering sectors in Tos basement in software renderer
  • Protection against wall spells when entering a room (remove walls right around player)
  • Buff to power of seance
  • Resistance rings have new graphics
  • Fixed fatal bug in umbrella spell that made it useless
  • Revert previous change to morph
  • Made vertigo instant cast