1. Patch V1.3.0

Patch V1.3.0

Patch V1.3.0 Announcement

Hello adventurers! We’ve got a bunch of fixes and improvements for you today. This patch touches on everything from Jala and arena updates to client and performance issues. Most notably though, it features the addition of labels and colors to help you more easily spot uncommon items, like cursed amulets or unique weapons, in the dialog boxes used for looting and trading. Read on for the details.

Item Changes

  • Added labels and colors in dialog boxes for unidentified, cursed, uncommon, rare, and legendary items to help players more easily spot and evaluate items
  • Added Bronze Key for room renters that can be dropped or traded by the owner but not by recipients, except back to the owner or innkeeper
  • Shrouded items now correctly display a description indicating they are cloaked in magic
  • Scrolls now display the correct school insignia
  • Helms now provide defense against bludgeoning weapons instead of a disadvantage
  • Wands and scrolls now correctly require specific karma levels to use (e.g. -40 karma for a hold wand)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with removing shillings from chests and boxes
  • Fixed crash at very large resolutions
  • Fixed issue where players using Shadow Form were unreadable in the Who list
  • Fixed persistent Jala song music causing client crashes
  • Fixed awkward rendering of players and faction soldiers against world objects
  • Fixed multiple server errors and potential crash causes
  • Fixed server error caused by punching a target with Gaze of the Basilisk

Gameplay Changes

  • Bonksticks adjusted for suitability as player awards
  • Removed outdated skill improvement penalty in Origin of the Kriipa
  • Fixed issue preventing spell casting in Goad’s Grinder
  • Reflection, Evil Twin, and Apparition Riija spells are now usable in the Arena
  • Can now equip most items (weapons, armor, etc) without breaking Jala song trance if using a Jala Necklace
  • Distill potion power now based on the casters base maximum health and unaffected by items like circlets that alter the caster’s maximum health
  • Distill potions no longer expire
  • Torches now display appropriate durability text
  • “Reroll” is now the primary command and terminology for rerolling a character
  • Arena battles no longer affect player karma
  • Solomon now buys additional uncommon items
  • Mugs, goblets, and bowls restored to previous appearances
  • Bankers now communicate in private for balance checks, withdrawals, and deposits
  • Minor adjustment made to Colhorr-marked weapons
  • Consuming a mana crystal now breaks the caster’s trance
  • Exit Crystallize Mana if the caster cannot hold the mana crystal
  • Increased weapon attack damage against Ants
  • Amulets of Shadows now appear unidentified until equipped, identified, or revealed

Audio Updates

  • Added unique sounds to Foresight and Illusionary Firewall
  • Updated Morph with sounds based on the player’s gender

Client Updates

  • Added option to disable Performance Mode for better performance on low-spec PCs
  • Dialog boxes now open on the same monitor as the game window
  • Dialogs triggered by Reveal and Identify are centered correctly on the game window

World Changes

  • Updated The Spider Nest with enhanced thematic and ambient lighting
  • Updated Clearing of the Trading Post’s geometry and texture alignment
  • Minor updates to East Merchant Way through Ilerian Woods
  • Minor updates to Marion’s southern exit path
  • Adjusted entry point into Pietro’s Wicked Brews

Developer Changes

  • Added “no horizontal tile” flag to clamp textures along the U axis
  • Added a Powershell script for real-time monitoring and copying of .roo file changes
  • Easy Compile Script updated for the new contrib/ folder structure
  • Client now skips remote account verification checks when not in retail mode
  • Makefile output standardized to include command in all directories

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Improved bad mail cleanup
  • Fixed disposal of monsters spawned via Animate
  • Fixed animation speed for invisibility and drunkenness
  • Updated signup dialog copy
  • Fixed failed checks in greeny.roo
  • Cleaned up Goad and necro arena code
  • Fixed server-side error caused by Crystalize Mana
  • Hidden admins are no longer greeted by the Watcher or Goad
  • Fixed a potential cause of server crashes
  • Fixed issue to allow a player’s hometown to be set to Ko’catan
  • Fixed room key disposal issue
  • Fixed robe descriptions to remove extra whitespace

Contributions in this patch come from: Aesica, Gar, Hektic, Reborn Hero, Si, Thorbenn, Todasj, Toko, and Zaphod. Additional playtest support was provided by FrylockOG.

Have feedback? Come join the community Discord and let us know: https://discord.gg/meridian59