1. Places


Meridian 59 is a rather big place, encompassing several large cities and towns, and a huge countryside with mountains, deserts, forests, and seashores. Much of your time here will be spent navigating the roads, highways, paths, and passages between one destination and another. This guide tells you a bit about what you’ll find in the world.

Main Attractions: In The Cities and Towns

Most Meridian 59 cities and towns include the following amenities:

  • Inns - An essential gathering spot where you can rest up (you recoup energy twice as fast when you rest in an inn), catch up on the latest gos-sip, buy something to drink or a bite to eat, check a newsgroup, and generally hang out. You’ll often find people (including the innkeeper) engaging in a bit of commerce, as well. Inns are designated combat-free zones: if you want to fight, take it outside.
  • Shops - You may find a blacksmith, from whom you can buy weapons (and occasionally, armor); an armory, which will usually carry a wider selection of armor; and a general store that carries basic sundries like food, water, jewelry, and clothing. Shops are combat-free zones: merchants do not favor trade with those inclined to plunder.
  • Banks - The Bank of Meridian operates branches in several cities. These branches offer a useful service indeed: any money deposited in their vaults stays there, even if you go off and get yourself killed. When and if you get back from the Underworld, at least you won’t be penniless. Banks are combat-free zones.

Here’s how to conduct the three essential bank transactions:

  • Deposit Money - To make a deposit, type Deposit, followed by the amount; then press Enter. For example, to deposit 100 shillings, type Deposit 100, and press Enter.
  • Withdraw Money — To pull your money out of the bank, type Withdraw and the amount you want to take out, and press Enter. For example, to take out 100 shillings, type withdraw 100, and press Enter. The funds now appear in your inventory.
  • Check balance - Type Balance and press Enter to get your current bank balance.

The Bank of Meridian accepts interbranch transfers. If you put your money in the branch in Tos, you can make withdrawals in Jasper.

  • Adventurers’ Halls - A sort of public guild hall where people meet and share information.
  • Newsglobes were discussed at length in Communication guide. They are generally located in adventurer’s halls, guild halls, and other prominent locations.

Combat in cities is allowed only for guild members.

Main Attractions: Beyond The Town Walls

As you move out beyond the gates of the cities, you may also find yourself forging a path through the deep green forests, strolling along Meridian’s beach, or hiking through the dreaded Wastelands. Other popular destination areas include:

  • Temples and Shrines - Several of the Gods have their own gathering places, which are presided over by the priestesses of each sect. Each temple includes a magical school that teaches the spellcasting arts — provided, of course, that you make a nominal donation to the support of the clergy.

  • The Underworld - A shadowy under-world, the province of the dead and soon-to-be-reborn. Returning to the life above is as easy as stepping through the azure light of one of the Portals, which return you (minus your worldly goods) to an inn in the town you choose.

    Still, many wise travelers find it well to rest here in this haven, exploring its vast halls and maze-like corridors, before returning to the world above.

  • Castle Victoria - Far’Nohl’s historic retreat is no place for a picnic. This ancient castle is now overrun by restless undead. endlessly pursued by omnivorous trolls - and at least one tormented ghost.

  • The Meridian 59 Cemetery - Forest Lawn it ain’t. You already know that the Underworld is a busy place, but it’s a quiet backwater compared to this regional graveyard, which is a New Year’s party by comparison. On the other hand, killing the undead can’t really do much damage to your karma, so many mortal Meridianites like to spend festive evenings here in zombie hell sharpening their combat skills.

  • The Arena - Another place to work on your swordsmanship…with real human opponents, and none of the moral bag-gage. For more about the Arena, see the Skills & Spells guide.

In addition, there are myriad secret passages and hidden shortcuts connecting all corners of Meridian. Those who know them have a tremendous tactical advantage. Let your curiosity roam, explore every unlikely crevice and cranny, and soon this network of shortcuts will reveal itself to you.

Monsters and Other Wildlife

The citizens of Meridian 59 share their fair realm with a number of rather unpleasant pests. Exterminating them is perhaps the most popular local sport. While the rules of this quaint pastime are given in full in the Skills & Spells guide, no introduction to Meridian’s life forms would be complete without a brief description of the more common local fauna.

The creatures below are presented in order of their relative durability. New Meridian citizens are cautioned to practice their skills on the small game near the top of the following list.

As your health and vigor increase, and you acquire better armor, weaponry, spells, and friends, you may elect to try your hand on the more powerful beasts farther down the list.

Many of these species carry small caches of money, jewels, food, and other useful stuff pillaged from unfortunate citizens. If you manage to kill one, you may be rewarded for your trouble. You can trade this treasure to upgrade your own gear.