1. The Origins of Sacred Haven

The Origins of Sacred Haven

The masses huddled together. The land was full of murderers. The people were bound by fear. It was a dark, lawless age. The good folk grew incensed with oppression. They looked at the world around them and knew that there could be so much more. They knew the possibilities were endless if only they could free themselves from this fear.

And so they prayed. The gods looked down and saw vast throngs of worshippers yearning for intervention. It was easy to see the bright spirit of Shal’ille supporting this cause. Out of respect for his wife, Kraanan slowly accepted. Faren, still mourning the death of his beloved, also consented. Strangely, The Trickster Riija accepted without concern. However, more than any other, it was Qor’s fervent support for the plan that surprised them all.

The Dark Goddess spoke, “If the pace of destiny is slowed any more than it is already, I shall never receive what I am due. The people must be allowed to evolve, else they shall never be worth my temptation… and subjugation! Let the murdering cease. My desires are subtler than this. After all, I seek not to rule over mindless brutes. I crave a finer destiny.”

And so it was unanimous, the gates of destiny would be opened. Once more the power of the Gods would change the fabric of reality in Meridian.

Enter the new World.