1. Meridian 59 Timeline

Meridian 59 Timeline

0 First explorer crosses the Nexus to Meridian 59.

60 Castle Victoria constructed as an outpost of the Old Empire.

140 Tos built as colonists move away from the harsh mountains.

225 Empire discovers a sea route to the Meridian 59 colony. Begin to send immigrants via ships.

250 City of Barloque founded at the docks.

270 Jasper mining operation large enough to support a town.

275 Castle Victoria all but abandoned.

299 Village of Marion founded by Barloque immigrants.

315 First Barloque/Tos wars begins.

330 Barony of Cor Noth founded around university.

411 Far’Nohl born in the Empire of the Nexus.

430 Konima born.

431 Prince Far’Nohl comes from Empire to represent the Meridian 59 colony.

436 First Jasper rebellion against the crown. This becomes known as the Far’Nohl Insurrection.

450 Meridian snaps and chaos ensues. Orcs, Trolls, and other foul creatures enter the land. All sailing ships lost at sea. Few survivors returning to the Empire proclaim Meridian 59 lost. Six very powerful heroes step forth to try to save the land. Each helps bring it back under control.

451 A dark ages of sort, government barely stable. Wars between Barloque and Tos begin anew.

459 Konima takes his pilgrimage.

462 Prince Far’Nohl declares himself King of Meridian 59 and establishes Barloque as the capital city. Work begins on the Bourgeois Castle.

468 Far’Nohl’s son Zarcos born.

470 Tensions increase with the encroaching Orcs.

473 Orc Wars begin. Tos under siege for many months.

474 Konima returns from pilgrimage and leads small army into the Warrens to end the war. Warrens are sealed off behind them as per Konima’s instructions.

486 King Far’Nohl abdicates the throne and returns to Castle Victoria to study the lost Nexus. His son, Zarcos becomes King. Age of rebirth. Temple built to honor the Six. Future generations will call them gods. Old gods of the Nexus Empire forgotten.

510 Priest Alexand of Kraanan declares first God Days holiday. Others follow suit. A time of religious unrest. King Zarcos declares that there will be only one official God Days each year.

511 Second Jasper rebellion begins, The Kraanan War.

516 Zarcos II born.

538 Zarcos passes on and throne is passed to Zarcos II.

563 Zarcos III born.

572 Zarcos II falls in battle against Jasper rebellion at the Battle of Denthan Crossing. Council rules the land during this time.

581 Zarcos III earns birth rite and becomes King.

593 Qor followers destroy the Temple of Jala. The temples unite against Qor and send them into hiding.

594 Zarcos III declares the worship of Qor illegal and bans Qor God Days.

608 Zarcos IV born

628 Zarcos III feels no longer competent to rule and relinquishes the kingdom to Zarcos IV.

648 Age of Prosperity begins for miners of Jasper.

650 King Zarcos IV marries Joline. Huge 200 year celebration.

660 Under pressure of Queen Joline, King Zarcos IV ends all God Days and separates religion from government. He bans the organized practice of any religion within a city.

662 Council uncovers that Queen Joline is a secret follower of Qor. They demand the gallows for her. Zarcos IV’s good friend S’Quani uses diplomacy to have the Queen merely exiled. S’Quani is granted the title Duke of Tos.

668 Kalior born.

672 Zarcos IV is removed from rule by the council due to failing health. Zarcos V is crown King. Katria born.

696 Queen Katria dies giving birth to Kateriina. Duke S’Quani falls down staircase and dies. Kalior becomes Duke of Tos. Jasper mines fail to produce the same quantity of resources, Age of Prosperity comes to an end.

699 Zarcos V officially puts the council in charge of day to day affairs of state.

715 Princess Kateriina vies for power against Duke