1. Legend of the Vale of Sorrows

Legend of the Vale of Sorrows

Recently, humans have begun to expand their travels back into the Quilicia Woods, ignoring ancient superstitions of the faerie folk. According to the legends the woods were the domain of Shal’ille’s favored beings, the fey elhai. When Shal’ille took form with the winds as the goddess of peace, she was so enamored with the wholesome spirit of these faerie folk that she made a home for them. Channeling a node of power, she created the Vale of Light, a place of unbridled goodness for the fey elhai to play and watch over. This enchanted valley existed in harmony with nature for many years to come. One day, one of the faeries became curious of the world beyond the glimmering vale and ventured out past Quilicia. On its travels it happened across the path of a servant of Qor, who learning of the hidden magical node reported back to his dark goddess. Qor became obsessed with learning the location of this link to power and demanded the capture of the little fey.

In a grim ceremony, the servants of Qor tore the spirit from the captured fey elhai and ruthlessly discarded it. They then focused the essence of Qor into the carcass and revived it in the name of the unholy. In this new form, Qor scoured the countryside until she came upon a search party sent out by the fey elhai. Feigning sickness, she was escorted back to the Vale of Light. Once there, Qor realized the power of Shal’ille was too prevalent for her to overcome. Another more devious tactic was required. Over the next few months, Qor spawned dozens of corrupt faeries, which came to be known as the fey dirhai. Tainted with evil, they turned on their brethren and began an epic war for control of the node. Qor left satisfied that in time the seed of darkness would flourish and gain her dominion over the Vale.

Having witnessed the corruption of her favorite people, Shal’ille mournfully turned her eyes from the Vale. Ashamed for their brothers and the blasphemous war that waged on, the fey elhai have since called that for which they fight “The Vale of Sorrows.”