1. History of the Settlement

History of the Settlement

Several centuries ago, our forefathers established the great settlement of Ko’catan. It was not built on learning or trade, but on sweat and blood.

In the Time Before, our hero and savior Konima lead less than one hundred warriors into the caves of the Utom. Konima, a great military strategist and swordsman unparalleled bravely brought the war to the heart of the enemy. There is no written record of the civilization from which they came. The oral stories of our predecessors tell of a decedent land run amok with bizarre politics and meaningless wars, though some say the people were essentially good and deserving of the sacrifice made by our ancestors. Most believe that this land no longer exists and the people are dead. The truth, we may never know.

Having taken the horrible battle to the heart of the Utom, Konima knew that there would be no returning to his homeland. The battle was not going well. The utom had ambushed the warriors. His numbers were low. There was no food left. And those left in his command were unaware of how badly injured Konima was.

It was at the last days of Konima’s life that a scout party made their way through a series of caverns and emerged on the sandy shores of the Island. Fresh air and food abound, it promised salvation for the war-ravaged group. Sadly, the scouts were not quick enough; hours before returning with their good news, the great Konima passed on from deep internal wounds. His last words were, “You have all bravely followed me to what is to be our tomb. You have all saved the lives of thousands at the cost of your own. Should any of you survive these final hours by some folly of the old gods, know well that I will see you again. For one day you and all of your descendants will stand beside me in the glorious ever-after.”

The warrior men and women carried his body to the oceanfront and erected a memorial tomb that one day would become the Hall of Heroes. This was to be the beginning of the Settlement. At first, they prepared for the utom to follow them to the surface to slaughter them all. But the utom never came. In fact, to this day the utom shun the open air of the island at all costs. No one knows what they fear on the island.

It was not long before our predecessors encountered the first Avar tribe. After a series of bloody battles, the great barrier wall was built. For six generations of Warlords, we have stood strong against the various tribes on the island. Although at one point our established territory went all the way to the old temple ruins, we have never lost Ko’catan to invaders. Not even during the slaughter of the fifth warlord, when Avars attacked from the undefended beachfront.

Ko’catan is strong and with the spirit of Konima at its heart, we shall never fall.

By Coitla cha’Oztya, 224th year of the settlement.