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Your Meridian 59 adventure starts here... and the best part is, that your account is free!

Step 1: Sign Up For An Online Account

If you have never played Meridian 59 online before and desire a new account, follow these steps:

Complete the following form with your desired account details, then hit submit. You will be required to verify your email address, having done so - a new account will be created and you can start your adventure. If you have any problems with the automatic account creation please email: support@meridian59.com - please however, first check your junk email folder, double check your email address and note abuse will not be tolerated.

Step 2: Download The Software

If you installed the game via Steam, you can skip this step.

Download Meridian 59 Now!

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This download also includes the German version. More of the game will be translated over time. (Der Download beinhaltet auch die deutsche Version vom Spiel. Im Laufe der Zeit werden weitere Spielinhalte für euch übersetzt.)

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There are two servers available: 101 is very active and filled with expert players who love to fight. 102 is less populated, but the players are friendlier and more likely to help out new players.
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